Becky’s New Car (2018)


Becky's New Car hits the gas pedal, and never lets up on its' breakneck pace. Brockmann's direction gives audiences just long enough to dwell in the humanity of the piece, before throwing you back into the rollicking comedy. This is definitely not one to be missed - Dietz's script on the small stage is involved and experiential, and this show is nothing less than an absolute necessity.

Asuncion (2017)

Asunción is a remarkably detailed analysis of how, as flawed human beings, we can only see each other through the lens of their own petty problems. This would be fine if we were actually addressing those big problems, but we are blissfully oblivious to those bigger problems as we are caught-up in far more petty issues.


 Speech & Debate (2017)


Conner brings vivid life to a portrayal of someone who is...waiting. There’s a quiet restlessness about his performance that adds a sharp moodiness to the production.